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You can also shoot 20x24 B&W. Wisner makes a camera with a standard back and I think S&S makes the holders. $9000 for the camera, $600 for a film holder and $350 for a 25 sheet box of HP5.

or another way to look at it is about $163 a lb at 55 lbs.

I have drawn up plans to build such a camera that would weigh about 30lbs., have full front movements and rear tilt and swing. It is contained in a clamshell design that provides the camera bed when opened and protection for GG and film and holder(s). It would have 40" of extension so it could handle a 36" Turner Riech lens and several Goerz Apo Artars that cover 20x24. But for now the drawings are on the shelf for lack of time. But someday....

Your modular design sounds very interesting and the projected weight, 30 lbs, would make a camera of this size relatively easy to use. Hope it gets off the drawing board sometime soon.

If you go to http://ulf.janvanhove.com/other.html you will find an image made by Sam Wang of me working with my home made 20X24" camera. As you can see it is a flat bed folding camera similar in design to the Nagoaka/Ikeda. The wood is elm and the metal parts were fabricated from aluminum. There is approximately 44" of useful bellows draw and a range of movements similar to those of the Nagaoka: on the front, rise and fall, shift and tilt; on the back, shift and tilt. The camera weighs approximately 45 lbs and it is rather difficult for one person to place it on a tripod in field work. For that reason I am currently thinking about building a kind of large wheel platform similar to the Lotus design. I have four S&S holders for the camera, which represents a full day of work in the field.