Are you sure that you have potassium carbonate and not sodium carbonate? If you use the right amount of potassium carbonate and water and add the carbonate slowly with stirring it should go into solution easily. If it does not I would suspect something wrong with the chemical.

But yes, you can use other accelerators, including a 10% solution of either sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, but this may give slightly larger grain. You can also mix a 15% sodium carbonate solution and use 5X the amount of B solution. That is, the 1:1:100 dilution becomes 1:5:100.


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I have been using Pyrocat-HD for some time now, and mixed up the last batch using Propylene Glycol for Solution A. Great results. Am now trying to mix up 100 mls Solution B, but can't get the Potassium Carbonate to completely dissolve. After 2 attempts I need some help .

I added the carbonate very slowly and stirred like crazy, with no success. On Unblinking Eye, I notice that Ted Kaufman uses a 10% solution of Sodium Hydroxide for Solution B. Any experience with this?

Using 120 roll film and 35mm. No sheet film.

Thanks in advance,
Lyn Arnold