Lol I do NOT need MORE hobbies!!

I'll take an "inventory" in the next couple of days and get things photographed (sorry folks, digitally, cuz I'm inept and impatient!).

My brother-in-law is getting the actual cameras.

I will say the homemade enlarger is actually nice. He hand-made the bellows and did commercially make machinery (I grew up with a workshop in my parents house and even I had to sort the tools by ones I could identify and ones I couldn't!), so it's not crap.

The darkroom was part of the reason they bought this house in the first place. Sorry folks but I think I'd be better off with a wine cellar (or getting to that central vac located in there).

I'm not really doing it for tons of profit, I just mainly want it out of the house but don't want to give it away and then have the relatives come tell me it was worth a bunch of money and be annoyed.

If it's worth it I'll sell it, so if it's generally worth like 500 I'd offer to friends for like 250 and then CL for like 350 or something. If it's not worth much I'd either give it to friends or donate it. If it's worth a ton then hey, I get some home repairs done! (or more likely split the money with the in-laws and buy grandma something nice).

The in-laws have already all been through the house and have had 3 years or so to get this stuff out. The "oh yeah that could be worth something, you should hold onto it" would only be fantastic if I owned a warehouse. I got the go-ahead from husband to rehome it.

Obviously I'll be double checking online as I find out more stuff about it.