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I hear you David,
The fibre dust from the panels was a big concern when I chose them...I went through all of the different types and found one which I found the least offensive. For me, it was a question of risk management. Which is/was more problematic: dust from the insulation/joists/pipes etc or potential dust from the panels? I went with the latter.

Joey, another tip...If you find light leaks around the perimeter, you can use a can of that expanding foam insulation crap. My inlet pipes to my sink, like yours, come from above. I used the expanding foam in the corners and around the pipes to eliminate light leaks. It works perfectly.

I used that expanding foam, too! Man that stuff is sticky! But it works like a charm around pipes or in other little places where light sneaks in.
BTW - when you check your room for light leaks, check it at least 4 times during the day. After my darkroom had been in operation for a month, I saw a light leak in a place I'd looked at previously and seen nothing. The difference was that it was mid-day and our garage door was open. Since my room shares a wall with the garage foundation, I discovered a leak where a water spigot went out into the garage. Amazing!