The rule of the thumb I have been using between 35mm and 4x5 inch lens-lengh is 50mm (35) = 150mm (4x5).
So there is a factor of 3 roughly.

So if you like a 24mm on 35, you will love a 75 Super Angulon or Grandagon.
A 115mm Grandagon = 35mm on 35.
I have both for architectural photography.

If you want to go shorter, i.e. a 58XL: it will fit your camera, esp on a recessed lensboard, but your "bed" will be in the way a bit.
With the 75mm yu should not have problems in the horizondal mode, but in the vertical mode that "bed" will be in the way again, or just leave the camera in the horizontal mode and turn the entire camera 90 degrees.