I post this in response to your email to PF today. We have encountered the problems of which you speak with the Borax that has been sold from here the last few months. The Borax functions just fine if and when it goes into solution and if you can keep it in solution. We have been getting the same borax for the PF from the same national distributor for probably 22-25years.
Last fall suddenly there was different packaging on the Borax, different bag than normal, but assured by the supplier that it was the same stuff just new packaging. We use some of it in some of our Liquid formulations and we noticed the difference right away. But as I said if you can get it into solution, and get it to stay in solution it works fine.
To make a long story short the new stuff as it is now known around here is no longer around here. We now have in stock the same 10 mol Borax that we have had for years. We have yet to have supplier let us know for sure but is seeming like we were probably getting 4-5 mol Borax. Does same function, harder to deal with.
Now the good news. If you have a problem with Photographers Formulary product we will replace it and this is an offer to you and anybody else that suffered through this with us. Let us replace it. Just notify our offices with invoice number etc and we will handle it. There might have been some Van Dyke Brown kits with that material it in also. It probably worked fine but was a pain to get into solution. We will replace that borax as well if anybody still has some of those kits.
By the way, Our Divided D-76 instruction sheet for the mixing instructons of solution B "Borax 60 gram distilled water 750ml @125 degree F.
I just did this as stated above on a heated magnetic mixer with in house distilled water and when it got to about 115 degrees it all went in. I would probably filter this thru a coffee filter prior to use, but I do that to all solutions that are prepared from powders.
So as I say we will replace it if it was a problem. Maybe that is why we are still here after 31 years? Was that a toot toot of the Formulary horn??

Bud Wilson