The best of both worlds? EMO! If you can find one. They were made in Wetzlar & are very finely finished.
They can be used as a Pan head OR ballhead. The ball has a removable axle through the ball itself. Install it for a Pan head remove it for Ball. It has two sets of handles, one pair long & one pair short. Mix 'em or match 'em any way you want. It has two ball bearing races with six bearings in each race there's one race at the top and one at the bottom. Both 1/4" and 3/8" Male and female threaded screws and sockets are built into the thing and the long handles are a hex fitting to change the threaded sections.
It's just a tad smaller than a Cambo CBH5 and a smidge larger than a Leica ballhead. It easily supports an RB67 & should handle any 4X5 of similar weight.