If the shutter speed on a New F-1 is set to "A" and the lens' aperture ring is not on the green "A" setting, the F-1 will provide aperture preferred automatic exposure with any finder attached. However, the AE Finder FN is the only one which has a shutter speed scale in the viewfinder to tell you what speed has been selected. If a power winder or motor drive is attached, the New F-1 will provide shutter priority AE at the selected shutter speed if the lens' aperture ring is set to the green "A."

With respect to the FD 17mm f/4 lens, there were three basic versions. The first one released in 1971 with the original F-1 has the breech lock ring and single coating. The second has the breech lock ring and SSC multi-coating. Canon did not make a lens hood for either of these. The third and last version had the New FD breech-bayonet lens mount and a bayonet mount for the BW-72 lens hood. All three versions are based on the same optical formula.