Having dropped my poor old Horizon 202

I have managed to repair it so that it works, although the aperture and shutter speed controls are a little lose and some care is needed to select the correct setting. Even before this accident, I was using the hozizon enough to think about buying spare or backup camera. The problem I had was cosing between another 202 or go for 203 U500 which has the extra 1/500 shutter speed. I shoot mostly 400ASA for flexibility but was having problems on brighter days with not over exposing a little even on f16 and 1/250. And to be honest I find the damn filters so tricky to get in an out I can never be bothered.

However, I have heard there were problems with the S3 lens at certain apertures. I see on another thread the suggestion that the S3 lens be replaced with a 202 lens. Are these problems real? An urban myth? or something that was only in the earlier versions and fixed in later models? Rather than exacerbate any "myths/rumours" any direct experience or official information would be of interest before I make my decision and purchase. Regards Stuart.