Hey this is a thread I can enjoy- stand develop rocks!

I am also a not-so-scientific photographer , I like to go get a cup of coffee while my negs develop- I use semi-stand development in trays. I have not found the need to use foriegn objects in the developer or roll my negs into individual little cylinder (thank God). I found the article on Mortenson very interesting- certainly a different approach from our usual "expose the shit out of it and worry about the highlights later" ala Adams approach.

Food for thought. I remember reading somewhere that Atget (sp?) used stand quite a bit. I've also heard that glycin developers are best for this- does anyone have an opinion on this? What is the best glycin developer? The best developer for stand? I have used Rodinal, but I'm wary to try PMK for fear of uneveness.. keep the info coming! Would stand-development be a recognized sect of the church of Rodinal ?