This goes back to discussions ad nauseum that we have had here on using the best quality chemicals. Borax was one of the chemicals discussed and the general response was Borax is Borax, but here we see that it is not. Bud was supplied with something different and had to clear up the problem.

I am very happy for all concerned that it is now known what was going on. Even with the best intentions, things go awry.

To those who use any old chemical, here is a prime example of why you should deal with a reputable company that uses (or tries to use) good, photo grade chemistry. Let this stand as a prime example of what I have been warning about. The reason is that if this can happen to the Formulary with its strict adherence to purchase of high quality chemicals, then it should serve to warn you about pool chemicals or laundry chemicals. Chances are that they will vary even more!