Thanks for all your input!

I have a great backpack (also a LowePro) that I use for long hikes when I want to take a lot of gear. I will often pack everything in the backpack, then just put what I want to use in a particular location into my Crumpler (7 million dollar home). That way I can take everything with me, but not have to carry everything. For short trips from my home, I have this "monstr-o" waistpack I got at a rummage sale for $2. hahaha BUT I cannot put enough of what I want to carry into it. I hate having to stop, put the Crumpler down or take off the backpack, and get what I need. Call me lazy, but it should not have to be such a PITA! hahahaha

I can get this bag seriously cheap, so the cost of it is a non-issue. I was just wondering if anyone here had experience with the bag. It sounds like those who have had experience with it find it dandy to use with very few 'bad points'. So... that caps it for me! I am going to get one & give it a go! I'll post here after I see how it does.

Thanks for all your help with this! I knew I could count on you!