Yes. I find that, while the Universal is one of the most beautiful cameras I own, it's not the one I go to for 8x10, since it is a bit delicate and needs specific holders. Fitting a Packard shutter to it was a trial as well - I did it by building a box that fits on the outside. I purchased it as a set, with four double holders and inserts for those holders to convert it to hold plates in 4x5, 5x7 and 6.5x8.5. It was in its original travel box, with the holders and most of a tripod (no top, just the leg sections) and the bellows are soft and supple - no holes. Without lens, it weighs in at about 8 lbs and it packs up very small and tidy, so it is a nice thing to carry around when I get to go out. I have it in a folding cooler that has wheels and straps for carrying on your back (yard sale buy!)

Everything is a trade off.