When my Leicaflex SL gave up the ghost, I had to decide what would take the place of the 90 f2 and 180 f 2.8 I had been using since the dawn of time.

After trying out the Canon 85 f1.2 and 85 f 1.8, I settled on the Canon 135 f2 as a mid distance compromise between my old 90 and 180 focal lengths. In general, I'm very pleased by my choice, though I'm finding the 135 a bit long for strict portraiture.

The 135mm is very, very sharp, with excellent out of focus areas (and lots of them at f2!) and it has phenomally fast autofocus (unlike the 85mm f 1.2, which couldn't autofocus its way out of a wet paper bag. I'd agree though, for strict portraiture, I'd probably pick the 85 f1.8 instead, even though the build quality isn't up to the standards of the 135.