Hi Thorney

I'm currently in Coquitlam, but will be moving to Parksville in a year and a half or so (depends on when my wife decides to call it quits).

I told her a year or so ago, that I wouldn't be taking "all that darkroom stuff" when we move (into a single story, no basement, smaller house) as I would likely "be digital" by then. Then we agreed that I can take the stuff - I said I'd keep it "in storage" - and look for a space to maybe set up a co-op with like minded folks. Now I'm drawing up plans to alter the small half-bathroom by the garage entrance to the house to fit the stuff. We'll see how it all works out...

Maybe I'll see you around in a few years. (I'm currently using a 4x5 Technika and a mixed batch of old Nikons)