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No problem. I must admit that after acquiring an older 12 and 14" Dagor and shooting with them I was surprised that they do far better in the visual department than I expected based upon when they were manufactured and the production techniques from that early era. Of course if you are contact printing ULF as opposed to enlarging a smaller format the visual criteria you could be considering would likely be significantly different. In a different arena is the cult like respect afforded these unique lenses.
Yes I do see the difference between contact printing an enlarging,I was able to use an old Kodak D2 8X10 with a 12" Bush&Lomb lens. and was very impressed with the contacts prints the negs produced. There is a certain quality that I can't get enlarging negs for my hasselblad . Hope to invest in a LF in the future some time and have fun using those lenses,I'll get there some time.

mike c.