I bought a 12" gold rim Dagor for architecture because it had much more coverage than the 305 G Clarion I was using on 7x17. It had the coverage, but I fell in love with the different look of the Dagor, maybe a glow to the highlights. I have found it very difficult to describe the different look, but it is there. The 12 inch has now become my standard lens on the 7x17 and my 8x10. Mathematically that may not make sense, but I “see” much wider on the 7x17 than on the 8x10. It seems like normal lens to me even though it is wide for 7x17. A normal 7x17 lens is about 466mm or so rather than 300mm.

re: enlarge vs contact, I enlarge 8x10 to 20x24 and contact print the 7x17.
re: "I'll get there some time." See the maturity and LF thread. Maybe you aren't old enough yet. We will let you into the old folks home when you are ready. Don't wait too long though. The beds are filling up fast.

John Powers