Ok everyone, Camera 6 is on it's way..

This is the list as it stands at present (alphabetically - it won't be sent out in this order). I have sent a couple of emails to those who haven't responded to PMs but for the most part.. this is it :

  1. Athanasius80
  2. Blackdog
  3. BJazz
  4. Catem
  5. Cdholden
  6. FilmSprocket
  7. Flatulent1
  8. Guissimo
  9. Gr82bart (?)
  10. Jnanian (?)
  11. K_Jupiter
  12. Keithostertag (?)
  13. Largely
  14. Lmn
  15. MartinB
  16. Rst
  17. ShawnRahmen (There IS an opening and I've included you in it!)
  18. Sidearm
  19. Síle
  20. SteveSmith
  21. TheBanana
  22. TimGray
  23. Walter23 (very appropriate being #23 on the list!)

Those with question marks have still to be confirmed.. If there are any other errors and omissions please let me know as soon as you can.
There are also a few shots still free if anyone else wishes to join in.

Tim has very kindly added another disposable camera to the package.. You don't have to shoot it if you don't wish to, but if you would like to take a photo of where the camera was temporarily, or of something other than the theme of "Cornerstones" please feel free to do so with this one. If you don't want to, just stick it back in the box and send it on.. Thanks for all the work in getting this to this stage Tim.

Looking forward to seeing how quickly we can move this one on with or without the added intervention of Pagan rituals!