I have found, from my little Pt/Pd printing experience, that Fabriano Artistico Natural White HP is my favorite paper for texture, tone, image quality and price.

Still I have some problems with it - some times, the emulsion is grainy and too light, as if it came off by tiny chunks. I noticed this happens more when I coat with a Hake brush than when I use a synthetic wash.

Could this be due to poor acidification?
Dick Arentz suggests soaking the paper in a 1 to 2% solution for 3 min. In this forum, though, I read someone mentioning that they soak it in a 5% solution for 10 minutes. Won't this destroy the paper sizing?

What I usually do is use a liter of solution and soak about 10 30x40cm sheets, putting them in one by one, rotating them from bottom to top and taking them out in the sequence I put them in - to ensure the soaking is as uniform as possible. I then discard the acid or use it to clear test strips.

One more thing - after soaking the paper in the acid, I should NOT soak it in water - right?

Thank you!