Does anybody know of a 4x5 field camera that...

1) weighs less than 4 pounds
2) uses technika style lens boards
3) has front rise/fall
4) front axis and base tilt (tilts must lock down independent of rise/fall)
5) front swing (optional)
6) rear base and axis tilt far it is easy.... is where it gets difficult...

7) triple extension
8) removable bellows
9) rear focussing
10) front standard moves forward back to accomodate focal length

I explicitly do NOT want Rear rise/fall or shift

Basically, I'm looking for something like a *Walker Titan SF on a diet....or a triple extension Ebony RW45 with a removable bellows...any ideas?

(* note: the Walker Titan does have rear shift but, it is so study that I am OK with it. and it has a way to lock it out - which is probably why it is so rigid back there).

Does Ebony build custom cameras (at somewhat reasonable prices?)