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Why can anyone recommend an American made camera? KB Canham: http://www.canhamcameras.com/


More expensive than Shen Hao, but less than Ebony. Keeps the dollar here. Aren't I a chauvinist? HA!
I have owned both the DLC and the 4x5 wood field....I sorely regret selling the DLC - that was a NICE camera. The woodie is a really nice camera too. Fit my requirements pretty well - especially when I was still doing 5x7. When I decided to bail out of 5x7, I sold the Canham wood field and all that went with it....am happy to say that it went to a very good home. Anyway, it is kinda big and heavy as a 4x5 camera....but, it is almost the perfect 5x7 camera and oh, so beautiful to look at and fantastic in actual use.