I have owned several Dagors that were very sharp when stopped down to f/16 - f/22. My 210mm G-Claron is a Dagor design lens and it is very sharp and has superb contrast.

The plasmat design gives sharper results wide open but is no sharper than a Dagor when stopped down, and has less coverage.

Sandy King

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If your looking for a razor sharp lens then don't by a Dagor. I have no idea where the perception came from that a Dagor is a sharp lens. Of course my 16 1/2" is probably one of the oldest in use and the serial number dates back to 1903. But that old non-coated piece of glass has a lot character/bokeh. Now if I stop down to f45 it is plenty sharp enough for me and contact printing in 8x20 and 12x20. Even doing portraits in these formats with it I find I don't have to worry about it being to wide as I thought it would be initially. I think with ULF you don't have to worry about the proper focal length for a portrait lens as you do with the smaller formats. Now with that said, I'm no optics expert so please don't ask me to explain why ULF would be exempt from the proper focal lengths for portraits. But I can show you a few pics that will explain it pretty well. An even better example is to take a look at some of the fantastic portraits that Zebra shoots in 20x24 with a 550 lens.