Okay, I took photos.


So there's the B+W enlarger that seems to take "big" negatives, a Beseler 8181 dichromo thing with power supply and extra knob thing (but the bellows look like they were taped and would need a retaping), and lots of accessories (different negative holders and a different lens and things I can't identify. Lots of color filter things.

There's the drying cabinet with glass top, with a Beseler thing in it, a heating element, and a fan. There's 20 or so big film holder things, and the trays to develop them. There's a print cabinet , the red light, the stuff you'd need to do airbrushing (paints, two airbrushes, and what I think is a thing you airbrush on). There's a bunch of paper, but I think it has all been opened. I believe it is still "safe" though. There are some chemicals. The developer packet is unopened, the other stuff has been reclosed.

I didn't photo the sink, but basically there's no drain there, so he made a contraption where the sink drains into a tub and like a toilet if the tub gets full it turns on a pump which pumps through a hose to a drain on the other side of the basement. I was afraid to turn that on.

So let me know what you think?