There are a number of things in there that may be useful to the right person, but I don't see any hidden gems in the photos--something like a fancy easel or a particularly good enlarging lens. While he seems to have put a lot of effort into his customized enlargers, and I'm sure he had a system that worked for him, most people buying darkroom equipment want things that aren't too customized, so that they'll work with standard parts and accessories that are easily available, and there's a lot of high-end darkroom gear out there for cheap these days. Unless you want to go through it all meticulously and part out what's potentially sellable here in the classifieds (which happen to be out of commission at the moment, but should be back up in the next couple of days) or on eBay, I think your best bet is to find someone local who is interested and give it away to someone willing to move it all out for you, or sell it for a nominal amount to someone who wants to pick it over and let you deal with the rest.