What I remember was the Union Activity started prior to my employment by some people who were no longer with Altman. It was being pursued in the courts by the Union and the Union prevailed.

A group of us were invited out one evening by some Union officials and we told them we were not interested. They said to bad the court had given them the right to unionize the store.

Shortly after that (a week or two) Ralph Altman informed us that he was not going to let anyone tell him how to run his business and began the liquidation.

We had days when there was 300 people on the first floor waiting for a camera sales person.

There was 4 floors serviced by an elevator and an escalator. The basement was large format, first floor was camera and film and a second and third floor. I know one was devoted to darkroom but I can't remember what the other one was.

I worked Camera's and went over to Helix for awhile after the store closed.