Think I might have a problem with my XA4. I was using it earlier today and heard the shutter firing with the lens cover closed, I could even wind on after I heard the sound. This happened several times, quite randomly between shots, and then all of a sudden it wouldn't fire or wind on anymore.

Last week I already had a bit of a problem with it but thought it was battery related as the battery check did and did not work (and consequently the shutter didn't fire either) more or less at random. This made me think I should get new batteries for it (which I admittedly didn't). Now though, the green control light (for long, low-light exposures) comes on when opening the cover when the camera's aimed at dark areas and the battery check works as it should too. So I guess that's no longer the batteries being out of power, or is it?

If anyone's got a clue, that'd be most welcome, thanks!