Ok.. current status is I am giving up on the current classified software for a few reasons.

1- it is a big, bloated mess of an app
2- it does not live within the forum system which makes it hard to manage, tweak functionality or add functionality. it is an outside app hacked to work with our forum
3- everytime it is upgraded there are huge problems
4- support for it by the software company leaves a lot to be desired

5- a new system is out that is sleek, small foot print and far more simple to use AND lives within the vbulletin system AS a vbulletin application. This means it is a plugin to vbulletin and to upgrade only requires importing 1 file. There is also practically no server load from this new system (after disabling the current one I was shocked to see our load drop big time). I have been testing the new system for a day or so and it works great. I am getting my coder to tweak a few items and will hopefully roll it out today or tomorrow.

I feel bad for those who accumulated feedback in the old system or will lose data in the old system. That could cause some pain but in the long run this new system will be better for us. It offers much if not all of the same features but is easier to use and far less maintenance. I'll keep you posted!