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... can one apply a single filtration to a whole film or is altering the filtration an absolute necessity and not just an aesthetic exercise (a bit of tweaking at the edges, if you like!).
Can one... Yes.

Is this an absolute necessity ... No.

... and just not an aesthetic exercise ...

??? I'd be interested in hearing a consensus on this one. There is very little in photography that is an "absolute necessity" and is therefore not an "aesthetic exercise". Of course, anyone CAN print at any level of quality - or "integrity" as far as a duplication of "what is actual". Transparencies are usually "off" a bit ... but I think there is a greater acceptance of deviations there than there is in color printing.

The perfectionist, working with transparencies, will employ the "Decamired" system, where combinations of filters for color correction, in concert with a Color Temperature meter are used. Takes a *LOT* of filter$, and Color Temperature meters are not cheap - nor really useful other than in this application.