Hey Chris!
I have a couple suggestions for you, but first, Congratulations!!! I also have a waterless darkroom and it has not slowed me down at all. Here are my suggestions:

First, you want to move those trays away from your enlarger as far as you can. You may even want to put some sort of temporary wall up between them. All it takes is once of having a nice fresh stack of paper ruined by splashed fixer or developer to see why darkrooms traditionally do not allow wet and dry areas to 'fraternize'! I can see that you really do not have the room to move them entirely away, but even if you could move them farther away and put up a barricade it would be fine.

Next...this is my own special trick I will share with you ! You know that you will have to 'agitate' the developer, right. Well, it's really hard to 'rock' the trays on a flat surface, soooooooo I took a beach towel and folded it in 1/3s so it's skinny and long. I put that under my trays. It makes it really easy to rock them, but it's also wide enough that the trays won't tip & spill.

I only see 3 trays. I assume you will have a bucket somewhere with water in it as a holding tank til you rinse the prints?? If so, make sure you put it somewhere you won't be tripping over it!

And, my last bit of advice is to have tons of fun!!!!