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There is absoloutley no question whatsoever; geared heads are far superior. The absoloute best is made by Arca. Go right out and get one. Next best, if your really are satisfied with less than the best is probably Manfrotto 410. Real photographers with real big cameras have Majestic. there is no more to be said on this subject!
Oh, dang!

But there is.
For instance that the Arca head is a huge levelling base, with limited movements, and very slow in use.

And that the Majestic thingies too are ... well, not quite 'it'. But no doubt nice for cameras weighing a ton (an Mamiya RZ still is a featherweight. Think approximately 5x what a Fuji GX680 weighs).

So that if you want a tripod head, neither would be the best.