On the AE Finder FN, there is a projection or arm that extends over the shutter speed dial. On the underside of this projection is a black spring loaded pin that controls which scale is displayed in the viewfinder. When you set the shutter speed to "A", the raised chrome pin on the shutter speed dial (between 8 seconds and the flash symbol) pushes the finder's black pin towards the finder. This moves the slides which hide the vertical aperture ("match-needle") scale and expose the horizontal shutter speed ("aperture priority") scale. When you turn the shutter speed dial from "A" to 1/2000, the finder's pin should pop out, so it sounds like the pin on your finder may be stuck. Remove your AE Finder FN and check to see if the black pin on the projecting arm moves in and out freely. If not, the spring may be broken or binding. Try working the pin. If you can manually pull the pin out and re-install your finder, you should see the vertical match-needle scale in the viewfinder.