FWIW, I process C-41 thus:

  1. Pre-wet at 100F (a short water bath to bring the film & tank up to temperature)\
  2. Home-made (C-27) developer for 3:15 at 100F.
  3. Kodak bleach III (or equivalent from Silver Pixel or Fuji) for 6:30 at 100F.
  4. 4:00 wash in ~100F tap water.
  5. Kodak Flexicolor Fixer for 6:30 at 100F.
  6. 5:00 wash in ~100F tap water.
  7. 1:30 in Kodak stabilizer at room temperature.

My 100F temperatures actually drop 5-10 degrees F over the course of processing because I use a water bath that tends to drop a bit over the time all this takes. The temperature is stable enough during the first few minutes (in the developer), though. My wash temperatures are judged by hand, so they might be off by ~5F or so. My wash times are a bit longer than Kodak recommends (IIRC, they say 3:15 for both the washes), but I'm erring on the side of a too-long wash since I figure that's likely to be less dangerous than doing too little washing. Maybe I'm wrong about that, though. If so, I hope somebody corrects me. I don't use any other washes or stop baths, although I've heard of people using a stop bath between the developer and the bleach.