The Eagle has landed.. Camera 6 (parts a and b) have arrived safe and sound in Ireland.. (Thanks Tim!)
The final list of those taking part is as follows : -

  1. Athanasius80
  2. Blackdog
  3. BJazz
  4. Catem
  5. Cdholden
  6. FilmSprocket
  7. Flatulent1
  8. Guissimo
  9. Jnanian
  10. K_Jupiter
  11. Largely
  12. Lmn
  13. MartinB
  14. Mooseontheloose
  15. mrmekon
  16. Rst
  17. ShawnRahmen
  18. Sidearm
  19. Síle
  20. SteveSmith
  21. TheBanana
  22. tiberiustibz
  23. TimGray
  24. Walter23

I don't have addresses for Largely, ShawnRahmen, Sidearm and tiberiustibz.
If you could please PM them to me I will post the itinerary and get the camera off straight away..

In the immortal words of Walt Disney : “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

So on with the doing...

Disclaimer : No pagan chickens have been harmed in the making of this exchange