A voice of experience and reason. I have a Deardorff that has been languishing for about 3 years now. The trouble is that my $285 Kodak 2D is so much more user friendly for barrel lenses. Yes, less movements but you can compensate for much of that. Mostly it is very strong and I can use up to 16 inch Petzval and a host of other barrel lenses, and a Packard Shutter lives inside the camera so it is always ready for whatever I find to put up front.

If you decide to have a look at my web pages, approximately 85% of the images there are done with this old cheap Kodak in 8X10 and full plate.

in oregon last week ~~ lens is a Voigtlaender Euryscop IV #6 54cm

I tried Ansco / Agfa, Korona, etc but the Kodak had the best platform to actually put the shutter inside the camera and it is much less wobbly than some of the other old flat bed cameras.