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Assuming your color analyzer is stable, I think that's your best approach. But then, no one has mentioned how much variation there is in paper, from batch to batch. I've never checked it, maybe Ralph has some ideas there.

Are you using first world manufactuered papers, or second or third world?
I'm afraid not be be a good source for this information, because I buy paper in quantities, large enough, to last me for several years. I'm more concerned about paper aging than batch-to-batch differences.

However, I know from Howard Bond and John Sexton, them working with Ilford and Kodak papers respectively, that they found the variation to be minimal. Indeed, if I switch to 'new' Ilford paper after 2 years or so, I retest, but only find minute differences in speed or contrast. Again, has more of an effect than batch-to-batch variation does for me.

Ilford had, and hopefully still does have, an excellent quality control system.