Ed, I spoke to Bruce about a pack system for my 8x20 and 11x14 and he wanted to know if I would be a beta tester for any system he may come up with. I told him "sure". Bruce is a great guy and provides some great gear. I would love for him to come up with something for the 11x14 and 8x20. I have not spoken to him for quite a while. Maybe I'll drop him a line.

When i go out with my ULF systems I only go out a couple of miles. Generally day trips and the weight I carry is with some nourishment and essentials. The reward is the big negatives that come out of my darkroom. The MEI pack for the 11x14 has a very good belt/suspension and holds the weight very well. I need to readjust the REI pack so it rides better but the belt is top notch.