C-41B developer (LORR developer) must have something that makes it different from regular developer. By looking at Kodak literature it says LORR developer replenisher uses only half of the amount to replenish than using regular replenisher. This seems implying that it has twice the developer capacity to me. Does any one know if this is a correct guess?

I shoot mostly 220 films. I need as much volume of developer to develop my 220 films. When I switched to use LORR developer replenisher + LORR Starter I have never had processing problems any more. I wonder if this is the result of using this C-41B developer, which I guess has twice the capacity of regular developer. For those who may be confused here, C-41B developer is actually C-41 Developer LORR. It is not the same as regular C-41 Developer. Noramlly you can buy C-41 Developer LORR Replenisher (that's what I have) then mix it with LORR Developer Starter. The result is C-41B Developer (C-41 Developer LORR). According to Kodak documents C-41 Developer LORR Replenisher uses only half of the amount than regular Developer Replenisher to replenish. This says it has twice the capacity as a replenisher. I am implying that after adding Starter it then becomes a Developer with twice the capacity too. Does this make any sense?