ath...the main gist of this thread is about the possible return of Forte Papers, Polywarmtone paper included, as you mentioned. my post was about that very possibility. it would seem to me to make sense that i post my questions about Argentone here, as my understanding is that they are producing their own version of a warmtone paper based on the same process as Forte, including the Polywarmtone paper. Isn't the return of that paper (and other Forte papers) what everyone in this post is asking for? posting another thread on Argentone doesn't make sense to me here. i apologize if you may be feeling that i am raining on another manufacturers parade here, but for me it's all about getting the Forte papers back, period. if my source is wrong about the Argentone/Forte connection, perhaps someone familiar with the Forte papers would be reading this post and could clear this up..billy