While surfing the web on an unusually slow Friday I came across a sale of an Agfa Isolette for $350. Remembering I had an old Agfa stashed away I decided to dig for it. Mine was not the Isollette but the Planex. A mere $5-$25 camera.

However the wollensak shutter is working and sounds right at all speeds, the lens is clear, and the bellows appear to be light tight. I'm missing the half frame mask but I can get 8 frames 6x9 on 620/120 film. There is some grime on the shutter that would not come off.

Looks like a great little walking around camera that'll slip into a coat pocket. This is a folding camera from the 1920's. Nice art deco style and ribbed covering.

Any one using one of these or similar cameras?