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Question Ole, what do you do about a mounting flange/ ring? Mine has none. Remember I need guidance when it comes to lenses.
This one has a "built-in" mounting flange - it's part of the barrel. The screw-hole can be reached through the largest hole in the aperture ring (!), so mounting is not the problem.

My problem with mounting this is that my old camera has slide-out lensboards, so there can be nothing permanently mounted that goes behind the lensboard. Also there's only about 5mm space when the camera is folded, which excludes most lenses...

I have "accumulated" a few old mounting flanges. Most of them don't fit on any of my lenses, needless to say. Sometimes you can get lucky by asking a third-generation photographer (dangerous: You could end up with granddaddy's darkroom!). If all else fails, there's always S.K. Grimes.

BTW: I have a Compur repair manual, which includes the dimensions of many old shutters. If it's Compur or Compound, I can find the correct dimension!