Great. I think I am getting closer to wrapping my head around this.
I am aiming for full color gum prints, kinda like doing a 3-pass silkscreen print. Yellow first, then blue, then red is what I have read somewhere.
I guess I will buy a box of Tmax in 8x10 to produce 3 separation negatives from my 35mm positive.
Now I need to figure out how to do the exposures for the sheet film using my enlarger. I guess I will just stop down on the enlarger lens and take a reading with my spot meter? I do have a polarizer but no ND filters, save a ND Grad filter. Maybe I will just hold the polarizer up against the enlarger lens. Hopefully that will provide me with a low enough light level to give 5 seconds or more exposure on the sheet film.

Does this sound like it will work? 8x10 sheet film is expensive, I don't want to make too many mistakes with this.

Thanks again for all your help.