When I first started printing colour I would make a "perfect" print for each and every film. I would then write in my little black book so much yellow. So much magenta. F/stop and time. Assuming the negative I wanted to print was well exposed in daylight then the numbers out of the book would give me a good enough 8x10. When I say good enough I mean better then any machine print I've ever seen. If the exposure was off then things would need to be adjusted. Printing different sizes required adjustments to.

Now I've got a colorstar 3000 and I let it do all the thinking. Often the settings it chooses are around what my perfect print would be. Rarely varying by very much. The prints I make with the analyzer are better IMHO. The little box adjusts exposure so I can crop to whatever size I want. OTOH it can be fooled at times but I blame that on me.

If you're producing very good negatives then it's possible to bang out prints with never changing the enlarger settings. They won't be the "best" possible print for each and every negative but they won't be horrible. I guess the machine prints are made with averaging. The idea of making a perfect print and then using it's setting is I guess sort of like averaging.