Stephen Gandy says in his article about the M5 that Japanese collectors drove the prices up in the mid-90's -- and they just stayed up. It's a very thorough article -- it also lists lenses that won't work with the M5 -- and worth the read. I considered for a long time whether to get an M6 and decided on an M5 instead. Though it differs in ergonomics from the other M bodies, I found it very familiar after years of using another unpopular Leica, the CL. They were developed at about the same time, and clearly some of the same considerations went into both of them: match-needle spot metering, protruding shutter-speed dials, even the vertical way the cameras were designed to be hung around one's neck. (The overhanging shutter-speed dial is even closer in design to that of my Canon EF SLR, and Canon too abandoned the idea -- unfortunately, I think.)