I hope the membership can guide me in the right direction with a couple of questions.

I dabbled in film around 20-odd years ago with a OM-1 which I no longer own, but I am (hopefully) coming into possession of another good working OM-1 soon. Although I like DSLR (own a Canon 350D), I would like to try B&W film photography again, not for any other reason, but for the sheer enjoyment I used to get from it over two decades ago.

My two main questions are:

1. Are there still outlets or stockists of B&W 35mm film. I am in Melbourne.

2. Are there still stockists of dark room supplies (again, preferably in Melbourne). I would love to set up a dark room again, not for economical reasons, but to have a bit of control over my work but more importantly, I am always someone who gives anything a go. I have the space, and time, and a bit of spare funds.

I am also considering looking for a group or club in the north West Melbourne suburbs to hook up with.

Thanks for your time, and I will continue to read the APUG Aussie section.