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While surfing the web on an unusually slow Friday I came across a sale of an Agfa Isolette for $350.
What kind of Isolette could that have been? I got my 5 year old daughter a "Jsolette V" last month--- I promissed her a folding camera but it took a bit of patience to get her a good working one since its for taking pictures and not just for the showcase--- via eBay and paid (including case) a whopping 2 EURO (Tutto Completto, my daughter even picked it up personally). This one is very clean and the optics are clear and clean... 2 EURO was a very good price but these cameras despite having cost over 18 Pounds Sterling in 1951, don't tend to be worth more than $10-$20 USD. today. The Isolette-III which has a rangefinder with the Apotar is worth a bit more... but hardly more than $25-$30 USD or so.