If your shutter is working ok, you are most of the way home free. I have a 3x4 RB Series D, and also a 3x4 Auto-Graflex. The side curtains you are talking about aren't totally necessary for the camera to work, they do cut down on the glare. You can also use a Series VI lens shade which may work even better. My latch for the little door covering the lens is quite sticky, but it is still in place.On my Auto-Graflex I had to clean out the old grease or whatever was in there to get the spring latch to pop out. I used lighter fluid to clean it out. The shutter curtains on these old cameras are amazingly tough. The Auto-Graflex is nearly 100 years old. I'm not sure of the timing on the shutter, but it seems to take a pretty good picture. Good luck with your project. I have three bag-mags, only one is usable right now, the leather in the other two is full of holes. I have disassembled one and will try to make a new leather bag. If I am successful, I will post the results in this forum.