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You have to search for this on the Azo forum, but if you place an order for $5,000 of Lodima, you can pick out one of Paula's prints from the Azo portfolio. Should you order $10,000 you can pick one of Paula's prints AND one of Michael's Azo portfolio prints. I placed a large order yesterday and hope more will follow suit. Let's make this happen!
I am sending Michael a fairly large check tomorrow. I am having a fabulous time with Lodima and hope and pray that others will step up to the plate and make their order. I am making my sizable order in spite of the fact that I have a considerable stockpile of old Azo paper to work through. My point is that an opportunity to support such a unique product in a diminishing marketplace only comes along once in a very long time. Need I remind everyone that Centennial Printing Out Paper recently went into the gone forever category like so many other conventional papers and films. We cannot let this happen with Lodima.

Please do what you can. The paper is absolutely but you already know that...