I found this link that you might want to look at. Tells you how to re-spool 35mm for use in an 828 camera. Harder than 120 - 620 but doesn't look too bad.


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Last summer I found a beautiful Olympus OM1n w/ 50 1.8 for $20. It was super clean with a working battery. The lady said she had bought it in England. Also, I used to work at a camera store years ago when I was in college. An elderly lady came in one time and gave me a nice Kodak Bantam Special with the leather carrying case and strap. She said that she was going to a nursing home and had to get rid of it, and if something is special to you, you give it away, not sell it. She said that the camera went around the world with her twice in her younger years. I wish I could find film to take pictures with it, but it is a treasured part of my collection anyway. I'm still watching garage sales for a great Leica deal.