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What to me is of primary importance is a depth of field/hyperfocal scale on the helical ring as found on better cameras like Linhof/Horseman/Fuji/Fotoman (Goaersi lacks this if you look at their photos on their website).. . . . . . . . . .

The lack of a depth of field scale should throw up a red flag...is this important to me or not?
I use my Gaoersi 6x17 alongside a 5x4 or occasionally 10x8 camera so lack of a DOF scale is fairly inconsequential. I also now only use a 75mm lens with it, so far in the 2+ years I've had the camera focusing & DOF have never been a problem or issue despite the fact I nearly always use the camera hand-held. I already had a range-finder that I could have used with the camera but have found it unnecessary and sold it through this forum.

If you really need an indication of DOF then tables are available for most lenses, it's no big deal.