With the Saunders LPL color head you can't get to 0 or 5 contrast levels, at least with Ilford paper. At least when I tested this, max yellow was about the same as a 1/2 Multigrade filter, and at max magenta it was about the same as a print made with a 4 MG filter.
So, I've hung on to my MG filters for just this reason, but I've never had a reason to actually use them for doing anything other than the original test/comparison prints.

The convenience and the ability to tweak even in-between half grades, makes the color head really nice however.

If you are contemplating buying a dichroic module, I'd recommend the VCCE module, if you're planning to do only B&W.
I haven't tested the extremes on the one that's available to me, but it's easer to use, since you can just dial in the contrast level without referring to a chart to use Y & M on a color head.